traveling without electronics

We ended up without a charged battery or plug for my daughters DVD player last night and four hours of travel time ahead of us.

I am somewhat television-phobic.….Regardless several years ago we started to always travel with a DVD player. The DVD player is handy especially on long trips. Sometimes I watch a movie with Martin-Lane but more often I work, read, think or nap. Martin-Lane loves movies and for her the opportunity to watch them is always a treat.Link
When we discovered that we were without electronic entertainment there was a moment of despair…

Turned out to be a gift….we leisurely watched clouds and gave them identities and played multiple games of hangman. I had the latest copies of two favorite magazines, Bloom and The Ecologist which we slowly poured over discussing articles, photos and idea after idea. We drew pictures together and separately, laughed, talked and silently observed the world whizzing by through the window.

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2 thoughts on “traveling without electronics

  1. These are just a few of you specialties…..sometimes the simplest solution is the best….we just need to be reminded!great ideas. thanks.

  2. exactly….The absence of the dvd battery led to the enjoyment of the clouds…!! Why did I carry that heavy dvd player around all day??…On the other hand there are times that traveling with the dvd is ideal…each situation is unique…rules tend to obscure the simplest solutions-

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