Planting 3/24/09

A few cherry blossoms have opened and the rest are on the verge. Several weeks ago we planted lettuces, rapini and something called beetberries, that I had never heard of before.

A few weeks ago we started a couple varieties of tomatoes from seed and some varieties of basil indoors. I find that most of what I plant can be direct seeded into the garden but in the DC area it is necessary to plant seedlings or plants for both tomatoes and basil.

Today we planted sugar snaps, fava beans, early carrots and bunching onions.

Over the next several weeks as the soil temperature rises we will continue to add new seeds most weeks. This year we ordered most of our seeds from Johnny’s Seeds.

…post gardening!

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2 thoughts on “Planting 3/24/09

  1. sidra, I love when you leave recipes on your blog, because i’ve tasted your food, i know how it will turn out. and most important, that I will love it!!!Also I am eager for your uncomplicated advice and approach on the following:-how to (and why) sprout seeds and nuts and beans.-raw recipes in season. or sauces to put on raw foods. (and why raw is important)-how to make nut or grain ‘milk’-a primer on oils. heat tolerance (and why not to use ones that are in the wrong category), benefits, what goes with what. I have been using a sort of filtered avacado oil because i can’t find a raw alternative. and i have substituted it for canola oil. is this right? how should I use coconut oil?I know this is a ton, but I find myself looking for the latest info on these topics and find the mountain of internet sources hard to sift through

  2. Thanks for the comment!I want this to be a place of discussion.I will post on all of the topics you mentioned over the next week or so.

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