As far as falafel goes in DC nothing can compete with Amsterdam Falafel in Adams Morgan. The fixins bar is crazy good, roasted eggplant and fresh beets–…Fresh cucumbers… Pickled veg… We visit often! No matter how formal the dinning experience appropriate to the occasion nothing beats just plain good falafel balled and cooked to order… Our only complaint was the pita bread but recently they have rectified that with really good whole wheat pita.

We live on the other side of Logan Circle so sometimes we can’t make it over to AFH. Fortunate for us a new Falafel joint opened near us at 6th and H. What’s exciting about Urfa Tomato Kabob is that they bake their own middle eastern style bread for their swarmas and falafels. No amazing fixins bar but if you are stuck in need of a bite near Verizon Center and Burma (a favorite) is FULL check them out. Urfa deserves credit just for recognizing that bread is a crucial factor in the making of any sandwich.

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2 thoughts on “Falafel

  1. Max's Cafe on University in Silver Spring has a fantastic falafel…..I think better than the one in Adams MoganIt's very authentic and delicious !

  2. Do they have the same fixings…roasted eggplant, beets, roasted cauliflower, tomato relish, stewed tomatoes and chick peas, pickled turnips, cucumbers, cabbage….this is what I love!

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