In July of 2008 we referenced snow cones from Austin. In January we posted about vanilla snow … Recently we traveled out to Annandale, Virginia to taste a delicious Korean shaved ice at Sheilas Bakery. Well, inspired by these interactions we decided we needed to find a way to make it snow during our nasty DC summers. We found this machine that shaves the most amazing ice. The fact of the matter is that I never thought we would use this thing for anything other than snow-cone parties in the middle of a Washington August heatwave… Well while setting up prep list and menus for 1508 #2 John suggested that instead of making a lavender sorbet why not make lavender infused ice and then shave with our fancy machine. This worked with amazing effect as the delicate texture of the shaved ice connected with subtleness of the lavender. To finish the dish I used local strawberries and cashew cream…. At 1508 #3 we shaved frozen chocolate made with melted bittersweet chocolate that had water and cocoa powder wisked in and was then frozen. To finish this ice we served a slice of early ripening fig that we found in our garden… We seem to have found our greatest successes in our be open to adapting almost anything all the way up to the last minute prior to being served…

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