Tonight at 1508

Tonight we celebrated a Birthday at our Home Restaurant… We discovered friends of Rupperts Restaurant… We Grilled Bread, Experimented with Injera, Tasted a Fabulous Burgundy (Thanks Tom), Prepared Figs from our Trees, Roasted a Silver Salmon and listened to COLTRANE! .. All and All a Fabulous Night–Thank You to the wonderful Guests that have Found Us…. (the above photo was taken hours before the subject matter was turned into the below menu)
eggplant spoon
spicy tomato on beet chip
grilled beef loin with figs
Chateau de Roquefort) Cotes de Provence ROSE ‘Corail’ 2008
melon soup with green tomato herb jelly
(Chateau de Vaux) Moselle Blanc ‘Les Gryphees’ 2007
succotash with arugula and walnut puree, injera
(Colette Ferret) Pouilly Fuisse “Les Vernays” 2004
silver salmon with basil mashed potatoes, calaloo and almond vanilla sauce
(Regis Forey) Morey St. Denis 2006
Sally Jackson cow milk, Guernsey cheese with olive oil cracker
blackberry ice with fennel seed shortbread
fig tart with frozen ginger
(Domaine Chancelle) Cremant de Saumur NV
chocolate chocolate chip cookies
lemon cakes with mint icing
quinoa drops

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