Super 8 Film by Kate Headley of My Friends Lauren and Josh

This film by Kate Headley, was filmed on super 8 and old vintage cameras and makes me grin for so many reasons–  The medium that Kate uses captures the mood and tone of the day in a unique way.  I adore Lauren and Josh and felt honored to be a part of their celebration. In addition to doing the flowers for the wedding they came to my house before the wedding for photos and Josh actually saw Lauren for the first time in her gown in my garden…fun to see that all captured in this film!

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5 thoughts on “Super 8 Film by Kate Headley of My Friends Lauren and Josh

  1. Fabulous! The video brought tears to my eyes, but I’m overly sentimental. Loved the two old ladies near the end.

    • Really joyful– Kate does such an amazing job of capturing the feeling and this was all fun and happiness. I agree, I too loved the part with the two older women near the end!

      • Sidra! Such a surprise when I looked at your blog. WE felt honored to have YOU so connected to this wedding, your house and surrounding areas ( and champagne provided! ) made our wedding day…. Thank you for opening your doors to us.
        Two old ladies would be my 92 yr old grandma and her “younger” sister. Love that part, too!

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