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Photo Kate Headley

Tom is the wine importer we work with who shares our belief that when wine and food are well matched they are both at their best– they should never compete and always complement each other.  Tom, who works exclusively with small European vineyards, looks at each of our menus and makes suggestions for pairings– they are always spot on and even guests who are wine aficionados always enjoy sampling something new.  The last couple of dinners we have served (Vincent Dampt) Chablis AOC 2009 with our second seated course.  Last week we served it with House Made Noodles tossed with Roasted Salsify and Turnip and Sauces of Carrot and Beet.  The previous week we served it with a Bibb Lettuce Salad with Orange, Avocado and a Warm Fennel Parsnip Dressing.   The Chablis was a hit both nights!

Tom usually delivers the wine himself, tastes something we are cooking and shares stories about the wines we are going to be serving.  He told us that when he found this Chablis he stopped buying several others that he was fond of because they no longer made any sense.  The domaine began rather recently, in 2005, after the winemaker graduated from the viticultural school in Beaune.  He utilized a gift from his grandfather of 5 hectares in Chablis which includes small parcels of the two premier crus (Vaillons and Cotes de Lechet) with vines ranging from 21 to over 50 years of age.  He practices “viticulture raisonnable” which means using the least possible application of agricultural chemicals and interventions.  His methods also include heavy pruning, low yields and no oak.

If you get the chance taste some-

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