Flowers Today 1508

Got these flowers in for a sample for a large spring wedding… John picked up the camera and shot these luscious photos… wanted to share–

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3 thoughts on “Flowers Today 1508

  1. Elaine Shapiro on said:

    The flowers are lovely, I’m having a 65th birthday party at my home for my husband at the end of April and I would love someone to do my outdoor pots and my indoor flowers….do you do that sort of thing, if so do you have any photos??

    Elaine Shapiro

    • Good to hear from you. I do flowers for events and sometimes time permitting I do potted gardens as well. I have a very busy April. Do you want to email me with your date, where you live and approximate number and scale of cut flower arrangements as well as colors you are interested in. In addition, the approximate number of pots you will need planted. I can figure out if it fits into my schedule, and if you are interested in my work.
      There are lots of examples of my work on my blog. Also, after I have more details I can send you some photos.

  2. Stephen Ballard on said:

    You’re making me excited for Spring!

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