Michael Pollan’s Short Stop-Motion Animation Film

I have been a fan of Michael Pollan’s for awhile now.  When I first read Omnivores Dilemma I said he articulated much of what I believe much better than I have ever been able to.  Since then I have continued to follow his writing, have had the opportunity to see him speak…

I came across this film through a link from GRACE, an amazing organization that in addition to making the Meatrix is doing all sorts of thoughtful work in the space where food, ecology, technology and health intersect…

Had to share–

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2 thoughts on “Michael Pollan’s Short Stop-Motion Animation Film

  1. thanks a lot for sharing our video. We made this film as an entry for RSA Competition, so If you wanna support us, please give us your vote. Voting closes in couple of hours. March 2nd —-> http://www.thersa.org/film-competition Many thanks!!!

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