Dinner June 1, 2013


Lovely guests on Saturday night gathered to celebrate a friends engagement.  They were a pleasure, fabulous wine pairings by Tom, so many great ingredients makes cooking super fun– all good!


Flat Iron and Broccoli Rabe, Porcini with Leeks, Chicken Thigh on Cabbage with Preserved Lemon and Olive (Red Lentil for Vegetarians), Soft Shell with Sorrel and Avocado (Sweet Potato for Vegetarians), Scallop and Rhubarb on Cucumber and Mustard (Giant Lima Bean for Vegetarians), Beet Noodle with Black Walnut

Lemon Verbena Vodka Cocktail, (Delaunay) Touraine ROSE ‘Cabotieres’ 2012


Asparagus, Ramps and Morels with Arugula and Radish– Corn Meal Bread

(Dutheil) Chinon ‘Les Gravieres’ 2012

Fava Beans, Baby Artichoke, Black Rice, Green Onion, Celery, Parsley and Basil– Spelt and Oregano Bread

(Frabcois Cazin) Cour-Cheverny 2009

Halibut with French Summer Truffles, Mashed Potatoes and Baby Collard Greens (Poached Egg for Vegetarians)– Buckwheat Bread

(Bart) Bourgogne, Marsanney 2011

Moses Sleeper Cheese and Walnut Cracker

Chocolate Cake with Frozen Chocolate, Coconut Cream, Local Strawberries and Pistachios

(Champalou) Vouvray NV

Bites: Tiny Carrot Cakes, Popcorn Cookies, Lychee Nuts

Give Away: Chocolate Chip Sesame Cookies

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