Last Week Drop Off Dinner Party

IMG_5134 IMG_5156 IMG_5121 IMG_5119 IMG_5105

8 person drop off Dinner Friday June 21, 2013, Eating Restrictions–– No shellfish, Nuts, Seeds or Coconut

Red Lentils with Vietnamese Cilantro and Leeks

Grilled Eggplant and Baby Zucchini

Tomato, Cucumber, Basil and Chive

Shiitake, Crimini, Purple Potato and Shallot

Black Rice with Spring Onion and Celery

Cabbage, Beet, Fennel and Carrot Slaw

Grilled Chilled Wild Rockfish

Buckwheat Bread

Strawberry Black Apricot Slump with Soy Milk Lemon Verbena “Cream”

Dessert Bites: Mini Chocolate Cakes

Breakfast: Quinoa, Oatmeal, Popcorn, Fig Granola

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One thought on “Last Week Drop Off Dinner Party

  1. suzanne codi on said:

    Mouth watering colors!!!

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