As chef, writer, speaker, florist, gardener and mom, we have a practice that integrates aesthetics, nutrition and health. We find pleasure inseparable from necessity. We live and work at a city studio with an urban garden that produces food and flowers for our work, family and friends. We cook with what we grow or use ingredients from local and ‘best practice’ sources. In this blog, we will discuss a collaboration that encounters food, flowers and gardens. We will share experiences, resources and recipes that make up an everyday practice.

Currently I am chef and regular contributor to Bob Greene’s The Best Life Diet Plan. I write and lecture about food, gardening and symbiosis. I have a flower and urban garden business where I use flowers, plants and seeds from ‘best practice’ sources (sidraforman.com). All the gardens have edible components. I run a Home Restaurant, sometimes Nomadic. We helped establish The Farm at Walker Jones located at the Walker Jones Education Campus, a DC Public School.

Rupperts Restaurant in Washington DC
was my Home for many years and continues to inform my practice.

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  1. Elizabeth Duncan was kind of enough to give me your name and contact information. I was so pleased to view your beautiful photographs. I own a lavender farm on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and I grow and harvest the lavender. This all started when a grower in California added a “zero” to an order I placed for tiny lavender plugs. Instead of receiving 300 plants, we received 3000. My daughter and I shrugged and decided to plant them all in our field. Our lavender will be in bloom around June 10. It is a stunning sight to see an acre of lavender in bloom. We will be planting more culinary lavender this spring. This past weekend I made lavender/vanilla bean/honey ice cream. It was outstanding! I am going to try lavender/hazelnut/vanilla bean ice cream this weekend. I hope you have a moment to look at my website. I believe you will enjoy and appreciate all that we have created from a barren soy field.

    Best regards,

    • Gorgeous website!
      I cook quite a bit with lavender and also use it in flower arrangements. I grow a tiny little bit in comparison to you.
      I am in search of new white blooming lavender plants, are you possibly a source for those.
      Happy to learn about you, your farm looks amazing,

  2. Hello – I am trying to get in touch about the possibility of a dinner party for my husband’s birthday in May.
    Please let me know the best way to contact you about this.

    Thanks, Tessa

  3. fernando martinez on said:

    greetings. have been looking for you for a while now. glad to have found. i would like more info on your home restaruant. kindly keep me posted.

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